Janine Lucie for Wealthery

August 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Janine Lucie

When did you join the Simple Profit System?

Janine Lucie: I joined a simple profit system on August 9th of 2023. The best decision I made.

How Much Have You Made Since Joining The Program?

Janine Lucie: My daughter and I are doing this together. So we um uploaded, we got approved right away as Amazon influencers and then we uploaded our first three videos on the 16th, our first set was denied. And after I had joined the um Amazon um influencer crew and which is a fountain of fountain of knowledge with all the people that are helping you out and tips and doing it and travis' videos and watching them and giving him advice. Our second set of videos were approved but that took another six days to get approved for those for on-site commissions that we could do. So we, we did that. So that brought us to the 22nd of August and then we started uploading our videos. So from and today is the 29th. So in seven days and they usually take, it says it takes about four or five days to review before you start seeing commissions. Well, as of today, our earnings this morning were not $9 for just for yesterday's, but before that, so a to um from the very beginning is we've only done about $16 but every day we're seeing an increase we only have about four. We, at that time, we only had about 40 videos um posted at that time, but we're averaging and trying to do at least 10 to 15 videos a day. But the fact that we're seeing an increase every day is very encouraging. Um and we're very excited and happy.

Would You Recommend Wealthery And Simple Profit System To Others?

Janine Lucie: I would definitely recommend um Muffy and um the simple profit system. I mean, the video is showing you exactly where to go and how to do it, how to build your Facebook or um your group up better and have more followers and stuff to be accepted. All the advice that they give you on your videos, how to position what to say and things like that. Extremely helpful, but also it is very helpful. Like I said, is the um Facebook group that gives you even a little more detailed as things are changing up to date. Um information about it. Travis also sends out um emails about things, but it, yes, I mean, when you can be up on the latest or the newest things that are happening and you're informed of it, you couldn't ask for anything better.

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