Chrystal Burns for Wealthery

September 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chrystal Burns

When did you join the Simple Profit System?

Chrystal Burns : Hi, my name is Crystal. And um, I'm actually on the go right now. I'm a mom of four, but a friend of mine actually, she posted her results, you know, like three or four months ago and I'm the type of like go getter person. So I knew that I had to get on this. So I joined the program, I got accepted, I think it was like June, July 28th and by August 4th, I actually got um into it, passed through the second part of the program. So I, within the first couple of weeks I uploaded like 250 videos by the end of this last month. Again, this was my first month. I was already at 368 videos and I made about 550 something dollars. So this program has actually been really amazing. I'm learning so much from this program. I followed the training to A T and, you know, it was super easy for me to get in no problems there, you know, just like having this, this financial freedom that, you know, that that's about to come to me, like in the next couple of months, like, I'm really excited to see it grow. It's like Christmas every single day and, you know, I'm learning a lot too just about like marketing and just like all the different things that go into, you know, to this whole program. So I want to thank you so much.

How Much Have You Made Since Joining The Program?

Chrystal Burns : So I've made about actually like $565 and some change since, um you know, since starting this program one month ago, uh each week, I've been seeing the numbers rise, especially as my videos have been kind of, you know, getting pushed around in the product pages and it's been super exciting just to see it, you know, get bigger every single week.

Would You Recommend Wealthery And Simple Profit System To Others?

Chrystal Burns : So I would definitely recommend this program. Um Again, if you follow the program to A T you know, your chances of getting in are super high. Um I had no problem getting in. I followed, you know, each I watched all the videos, I, I looked at the PDF file and it was super easy to get in.

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