Ashlee hoelck for Wealthery

August 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashlee hoelck

When did you join the Simple Profit System?

Ashlee hoelck: Yes. Hi. So, I first joined the simple profit system. I think I bought the training in February, but I didn't actually do anything with it until April.

How Much Have You Made Since Joining The Program?

Ashlee hoelck: So, for the Amazon side of it, I have made 7000 and like 450. Um, since I got my first commission on May 1st and with the affiliate side of SPS, I've made about $8135.

Would You Recommend Wealthery And Simple Profit System To Others?

Ashlee hoelck: Absolutely. And I do, I recommend it all the time. Um, the Amazon part is so easy to do that anybody can do it and it's amazing and it's super passive too. Um, and then, you know, because of everything that I've been learning inside of the affiliate side of SPF and then moving on further into the mastermind, I have earned over $22,000 in just four months. So I absolutely recommend it to anybody who just wants to make more money and have more time and more freedom to be with their kids, with their family, to do the things that they love.

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