Dr. Carol H. Artis

April 30, 2023

A testimonial by a central office administrator about WE LEAD, women in educational leadership, events.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Carol H. Artis, Assistant Superintendent of C & I

Please introduce yourself and tell why you chose to attend WE LEAD?

Dr. Carol H. Artis: Hello, I'm Dr. Carol Hayes Artis, and I attend WE LEAD every year. It is absolutely my favorite conference because it is a time where I can collaborate, network and visit with other people who are in similar jobs who are aspiring to be a better educator, to grow and to flourish. The presentations are always thorough and timely, the food is always great and the fellowship is fun. The venue is always great. We usually go to a very nice hotel where we can feel very pampered and important but also be in a environment of good working and good um collaboration we lead is the perfect opportunity if you are a school administrator, an aspiring superintendent, a director, an aspiring um central office or if you are simply at the school site. And I don't mean to say simply because that's the most important one to meet, greet and enjoy people who are on the same road as you, you will be exposed to not only great presentations but also wonderful resources.

What was one of the most impactful takeaways for you?

Dr. Carol H. Artis: One of the most impactful things that I take away from. We lead that it's important to have self-help to in this important work that we do that we don't let our bucket get empty or get um or that we don't nourish our own souls don't nourish ourselves professionally and personally. So we always have something about giving to self. And typically for women educators, that's something we don't do. And we lead reminds me of that every year. And typically when I leave from there, I commit to doing one more thing that will not only make me uh feel better, but then it impacts me long term. So I take away from we lead every year that we do important work, but we are important too. And the resources and the presentations tell me how to take care of me and how to then help my stakeholders.

What makes this event different from others you’ve attended in the past?

Dr. Carol H. Artis: This event is about women planned by women, attended by women. So it is um singularly the event that I go to that I gather with people who are not only a like me, gender wise, but also in the same profession. So the conversations that are around the table during the presentations benefit me as a female educator. The conversations that I have during lunch benefit me as a female educators and the conversations that we have at the um fireplace or as we are on a break also benefit me as an educator but also benefit me as a woman.

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