Talent Collective Boosted Their ROI

December 02, 2023

After trying other automation tools, Natalie landed on We-Connect. She uses the tool at both businesses for a wide range of tasks.

Video Transcript

Talent Collective : I'm Natalie. Um I am a recruiter by trade. I've been in recruiting for 20 plus years and um I actually run into companies uh Talent Refinery where I operate as a fractional head of talent. So what that means is I embed into start ups or small businesses and run all their strategic recruiting initiatives and do fully recruiting um when necessary. And so I have five clients that I support in a part time capacity. And there are ways that I'm using. We connect um on behalf of my um Talent Refinery business development efforts and also my, my client um recruiting efforts. Then my other business is talent collective, which is a nonprofit or women in recruiting. Um It is a membership community and we run um membership campaigns. We do event promotions, workshops. I manage our partners and sponsors as well. So um there's a lot of ways that we're actually leveraging, we connect in that capacity. So that is my world. Some of the oldest school ways that I was using, it was um any various version of linkedin recruiter or Sales Navigator and using the mail features um which rarely produce responses on a business development capacity um and have an average response when it's candidate outreach. Um Then I started pivoting to do more linkedin connection requests through Apollo, which I loved. And that's where I really got introduced to more of the linkedin connection automation features. Um However, one then, you know, sticking point I had in that case is you still have to execute them one by one by one by one. Um And then I would also have to go into my um messages and see whoever connected and then send a follow up message manually one by one by one by one. So um I actually happened to be in uh at an organization called female Founders Collective and in my peer group that I'm in, there was a couple of other women that use, we connect for their businesses, checked it out, the price was like no brainer. Um The fact that I could automate my connections and then have the automated follow up messages as well and run multiple campaigns at the same time. Do I would say my biggest, biggest benefit? And Roy has been for talent collective, the nonprofit. In terms of our event promotions, we do a variety of different in-person networking events every single month. It has been a game changer from being able to, I don't like the word mass but volume outreach to various women in recruiting in those markets and be able to continuously add new lists when those campaigns are complete. I wanna add another batch of people. Um And it does the follow up. So I've been able to reach out and say, you know, hey, I want to personally invite you to this event and then, you know, a couple of days later, it's, hey, just a reminder, this event is XYZ Day. Uh So that has been great. It generates time, tons of responses. I see a lot more engagement and responses from my first connects. But I do also see a lot of positive response engagement from even 2nd and 3rd connections. Whether it's just like, oh, thank you so much for reaching out. Whether they actually convert into buying a ticket or not is kind of irrelevant, but I'm seeing a lot of response. And so at least I'm knowing the brand is getting out there and recognized which is equal to us. And then the other ways that I'm using it, which I actually was really surprised by the amount of response is for our partner and sponsor outreach. So I send them, you know, a nurture email campaign, but I also do the connection request. Maybe a handful of times I've received a response via email, tons of response via linkedin from those connections. So, um that has been monumental.

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