How Pearl Business Coaching Booked 15 Demos With One Campaign

October 06, 2023

In this short testimonial, you'll learn how Pearl Business Coaching managed to book 15 demos from one smart campaign using We-Connect.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Blumenthal, Growth Marketer

Describe how you use We-Connect to enhance your lead-generation efforts.

Mike Blumenthal: So I started using We-Connect several months ago for outbound lead generation. And I really enjoyed the tool because it allows you to automate some really tedious tasks. So previously, if you wanted to make connections with your ideal customer on LinkedIn, you could search them, view their profile, send them a connection request, and one at a time. And so what We-Connect enables me to do is to build campaigns and send connection requests to a wider audience using their campaign tool. And it also allows me to track these conversations that I'm having daily with new leads in one place from right inside their tool. It's also great for list building and analytics on how much my LinkedIn is growing. So I definitely recommend We-Connect for anybody who's trying to do LinkedIn or LinkedIn outbound.

What metrics have you seen increase while using We-Connect?

Mike Blumenthal: The metrics that I've been tracking for my LinkedIn account have been mainly a connection requests, follows, and then conversations with leads. And since I started using We-Connect several months ago, all of those numbers have skyrocketed. So, before I was using We-Connect, I might have a few conversations a month with my ideal customer. And now I'm having daily conversations with leads about their problems, I'm able to track it efficiently by campaigns and overall, my outbound success rate has gone up for myself and for clients who I'm using it for as well.

If you've used competing products in the past, what makes We-Connect your preferred tool?

Mike Blumenthal: So I've used other outbound tools in the past for social media. And the thing that makes We-Connect the best solution for me is one, it's functionality, it works, So I can trust that when I upload a list or when I start a campaign, it's gonna work. The second thing is the safety and verification that, you know, my data is being used properly, And, you know, that the automations that I'm using don't go outside the guidelines of the social media platform. And finally, I think just the simplicity of the dashboard and, how they show my results and, and break down the data very, simply makes it a great tool for quickly getting a snapshot of how successful the tool is for my outbound efforts.

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