How a We-Connect Campaign Led to Speaking Opportunities for A2Agile

October 06, 2023

We-Connect is the safest LinkedIn automation software on the market. Hear how A2Agile gained speaking opportunities by using it.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Helene Gidley, Founder, Owner, Agile Coach

Briefly describe your business, industry, and target audience.

Helene Gidley: Hi, our company A2 Agile helps get agile transformations back on track for your company. We generally work with teams in the IT industry. And if you're on your first or third or fourth or more transition, we know what it takes to really get you back on track.

Describe how you use We-Connect to enhance your lead-generation efforts.

Helene Gidley: And we use, We-Connect quite a bit with campaigns and messaging to reach out to our, our contacts and that frequent touch points through that automated messaging of anniversaries and birthdays and new job roles that We-Connect has when we reach out to our customers, the messages are received a little bit more friendly. And when we've asked for assistance from contacts in business matters, the responses tend to be far more favorable and you know, discussions happen then and they happen more frequently and often present other business opportunities, things like leads.

What metrics have you seen increase after using We-Connect?

Helene Gidley: And after using We-Connect, what I've noticed is we've had far more engagement within our customer list and more willingness for folks to engage with us. Um, my business partner has seen quite a few speaking opportunities and that has really increased and I know it's been from using some of these We-Connect campaigns and expanding our list of who we've been connected with.

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