Sushant Pokharel for Wayfair Video Testimonials

July 24, 2023

Sushant shares his biggest takeaway from completing this program and what he attributes to his career growth.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sushant Pokharel

Hi Sushant! Tell us about yourself and what you love about your job.

Sushant Pokharel: Hi, I'm Sushant I'm the engineering manager for the Transportation Planning Team in Wayfair Supply Chain Engineering department. I live in the Greater Boston area and work out of the Boston Copley office. I've always loved to work with people and also getting things done. I wake up every day, excited to be able to do it in my job.

You recently completed the Emerge Management Development program - congratulations! What was your biggest takeaway?

Sushant Pokharel: I just completed the Emerge program and it was a great opportunity for me to understand what I need to focus on as a people manager. It introduced me to a lot of tools that I can use to solve practical problems that I face every day on my team. I was already familiar with some of the tools and some of the things I can use. But things like sessions on coaching was new to me and I found a lot of value in it and I use it every day now to become a better manager.

What are two things you attribute to your career growth?

Sushant Pokharel: I've always felt that being a great problem solver and an outstanding team player are some of the qualities that I believe are essential to my career growth. I have a good understanding of how software development works. And the issues that teams typically face during software development are and I have a very goal oriented attitude which has been my strength, but I also feel like being able to develop in other areas of leadership, like getting people motivated, understanding them and to be able to create highly efficient teams is something that I need to work further towards in the future.

What are two skills you feel you excel in and another two you want to develop more?

Sushant Pokharel: Being a former developer, I have a very good technical understanding and also of the problems that teams typically face during software development and how to resolve them. Beyond that, I also am a very goal oriented person. So I've always felt that that has helped me in the past and that those have been my strengths. But developing an understanding of how people get motivated and, and how to create highly efficient teams beyond other areas of leadership Those are the things that I think I should improve more in in the future.

How do you plan to continue your professional growth at Wayfair?

Sushant Pokharel: The Emerge program was great. But beyond that, I think I need to continuously develop my skills beyond the fundamentals that the Emerge program introduced me to. So to be able to do that, I'm going to rely partly on self learning and practicing what I've learned within the team and relying on my manager and the team to provide me feedback. If I can get opportunities just like the Emerge program to get training on specific skills, in the future, I would very much like to do that. So I would be looking for those opportunities also.

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