Spring Health -Jens Uwe

January 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Hi Jens Uwe - We have a new mental health partner, Spring Health. Can you talk about the importance of mental health?

Hello there. I'm Jens Uwe and I'm leading the European efforts here at Wayfair. I assume we have heard about the fact that we have a new mental health provider, Spring Health, and I just wanted to share a few personal comments about the importance of mental health and the opportunity to get external support for achieving and maintaining mental health. At school, I studied nine years of Latin. Yes, nine years learning a dead language. So you might now wonder why even listen to this guy. But one of the Latin sayings that stuck with me is, "mens sana in corpore sano." Which means that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body or another way to say this is that mental and physical health are equally important and support each other. Many of us do physical exercises alone with friends in sports teams with and without coaches, but not all of us make the same effort for mental health and I'm just encouraging you to do so. Times have never been more demanding than now. So, mental health has never been more important than now. If you "work" on your mental health, by yourself, with your partner or friends, or if you use external coaching, it's obviously up to you. I'm very happy that Wayfair offers you the opportunity to get that external support. So please make use of it if you like. I wish you and your families are physically and mentally healthy 2023.

Visit the Wayfair Hub to learn more about Spring Health.

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