Lisa Olivieri, Head of Global Safety & Security

October 04, 2023

Meet the head of our Safety & Security team and learn about their mission for Wayfair.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Olivieri, Head of Global Safety & Security

Hi Lisa! What is your role at Wayfair?

Lisa Olivieri: Hi, I'm Lisa. Oliveri, the global head of safety and security at Wayfair.

How can employees support each other to stay safe and secure at work?

Lisa Olivieri: When you look at the definition of safe and secure, you will see it is defined as being free from harm, risk, or danger. Our goal is to prevent fraudulent activity against Wayfair while providing employees with a safe work environment. At its foundation, a successful safety and security program will strengthen Wayfair's ability to protect its employees, assets and brand reputation by providing sound analysis and actionable insight to mitigate threats. As Wayfair continues to grow, the Global Safety & Security team will evolve and adapt to new business needs. Wayfair has a global duty of care to its employees for their safety and security 24-hours a day, seven days a week. While we can't predict every emergency or threat an employee may face, there are steps we can take to plan for and communicate challenges that may arise. Safety and security is a team effort and we count on you to report any suspicious activity to assist us in ensuring safety and security protocols are followed. Please continue to look out for each other by being vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

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