Global Wellness Week 2023

March 29, 2023

Kate Gulliver, CFO & CAO, weighs in as Global Wellness Week kicks off.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kate Gulliver, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

Global Wellness Week kicked off yesterday! What’s the goal of this week for Wayfair?

Kate Gulliver: Happy Wellness Week, everyone. As hopefully many of, you know, Wellness Week kicked off yesterday, this is our fourth year celebrating Global Wellness Week. A time for each of us to focus on wellness across many factors including mental heath, physical health, social health, and financial health. I encourage you all to sort of look at the materials and the offerings that we have both in the office and virtually. I think you'll find that there's something for everyone in what we're preparing here.

How do you prioritize your own wellness?

Kate Gulliver: I would say this is an area where all of us could use some help, how to actually prioritize our own wellness. So hopefully this week you can pick up some tips that help you do that. A few examples of what works for me and I'm sure it's different for everyone. I love getting outside. I think that's really important for both mental and physical health. I enjoy a run along the river in Boston when I can. Sometimes I see some of you there first thing in the morning. I always appreciate it when people say hello, but no worries if you're in your zone. I also like a little time to unplug at the end of the day, for me That's actually fiction reading. I like to read for a few minutes every night. I find that it is very distracting to dive into a novel and stop the doom scrolling on my phone. And lastly, as I've shared before I have three children, I always enjoy time with them. I wouldn't say it's, you know, the most restorative time, but it is certainly mental and social health and wellbeing when we're all together, often that takes the form of doing a family dinner on the weekend or, you know, a walk to school with them on a weekday morning.

What should employees keep in mind this week?

Kate Gulliver: The most important thing about this week is that it's about you and your personal wellbeing, wellness is an individual journey. What works for some may not work for others. So I'd encourage you to spend some time looking into our offerings and seeing what seems like it'll resonate with you. We have some new offerings this year. We've spoken a bit about Spring Health, which is our new mental health provider that was in reaction to feedback that we got from folks on what they needed. Hopefully that'll be impactful for you. But please, you know, take your time, explore the offerings and have fun with it.

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