Jiming - Primary Parent

April 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jiming

Why did you choose Waterfront Montessori?

My child started at Waterfront Montessori with the toddler class about three years ago. He really loves the teacher. He really loves the school. and the teachers are very patient, very caring and very experienced. Especially I think the teachers have tailored their teaching program to each individual child's needs. This gives my child a lot of confidence and comfort, which I think is very important because he's the youngest in the class. And this also allowed him to learn and grow at his own pace. The school has a very nice curriculum in language, math art, science, music, practical life activities and a lot more. One of the most impressive parts of the daily program is the Me Museum where the pre-K students are encouraged to do a little presentation about themselves. And believe me, it is truly amazing to see. These four year olds have learned to read a book aloud in front of the class or talk about their favorite games, hobbies and their loved ones. Last year, the school switched very quickly to online mode because of the pandemic and the school has remained open throughout the pandemic. The online classroom was exceptionally well prepared and organized by the school materials that were handed out to families well in advance and daily curriculum schedules are made available too, so I know exactly what my child is learning and what we need to prepare for the next school day. I feel lucky that my child's education was almost uninterrupted by the pandemic and most importantly, he has been taken good care of at Waterfront Montessori.

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