Michael Davis - Primary Parent

January 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Davis

Michael Davis: Hi, my name is Michael Davis, and I'm a very happy parent of a student at Waterfront Montessori.

Michael Davis: One of the really wonderful things about Montessori schools and Waterfront Montessori particularly is the way that the structure of Montessori education allows the kids to have a lot more freedom in how they choose to learn, how they choose to approach learning, and it encourages kind of the natural curiosity that I think all kids have and it makes that curiosity a tool to help kids want to learn. And I definitely, as a Montessori student myself, I went to a Montessori school from Kindergarten to 4th grade. I know that I never dreaded going to school. I always loved being at school. I was excited to see what the next thing would be and what we would be learning about and what my teacher was going to show me today. And I was always also happy to be able to interact more directly with my peers in the classroom environment and sort of choose the way that I would learn about things.

Michael Davis: Montessori.

Michael Davis: Our son's lessons at Waterfront really have helped him develop his language skills, I think to a very high degree. He's also learned a lot of basic skills like reading and counting. Even at a young age (he's 3.5 now), he can read by sight, a lot of short words. I think that this is really, and a great deal attributable to his lessons at the Waterfront.

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