Chase Leyner for Parent Feedback

April 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Chase Leyner

How one year at Waterfront Montessori made a difference...

Chase Leyner: There are many things I regret as a parent, but one of my biggest regrets was not finding Waterfront Montessori until my youngest daughter was in 8th grade. Her one year at Waterfront literally changed the momentum of her entire life. Where she felt less than at other schools, she felt like a rock star at Montessori. She entered feeling defeated and unsure of herself and graduated knowing she was brilliant, articulate, talented and self assured. Waterfront found and encouraged her strengths. Her intellect was challenged and nurtured through projects that would later shape how she moved through her years at high school college and beyond. She was very shy, but she participated in a model congress and gave a speech at the Waterfront graduation. This led to poetry readings in high school and eventually to stand up comedy. Waterfront appreciated her artistic take on things and she became an artist. Waterfront, taught her how to manage her time and her work and she immediately, post-college, with a design degree, booked work at television series for HBO, Apple TV and NBC. I can see in all she has accomplished the hand that Waterfront had in supporting her, teaching her listening to her and most importantly valuing her!

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