Aseem - Elementary Parent

April 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aseem

Why did you choose Waterfront Montessori?

Aseem: We chose Waterfront Montessori because we thought it was a school that would do a really good job of challenging our children and continuing to grow with them no matter how fast or slow they were in certain subject matters. The other thing that really attracted us to the Montessori type of education was the emphasis on proven educational techniques. It seems the way they taught things like reading and math was very tangible, tactile and made learning really fun and we have something we really want to foster in our children.

How has Waterfront Montessori helped your child to thrive?

Aseem: I'd say there's two areas that the Waterfront Montessori has done a really great job with our children. One of those areas is reading and writing. The way they taught our children how to read has yielded really, really great results and they became voracious readers at a very early age. Our first grader, our six year old, is reading books that I never would have read as a third grader growing up myself. So they've done a great job there. And part of that they've also become very interested in writing and storytelling and that's another really excellent thing. The second area I'd say that they've really thrived in is just their ability to start, ill-defined projects and carry them through to completion and be very creative along the way. They have dozens of projects they're doing around our house. Whether it's legos or magnet tiles or some craft or creating a movie and they bring this sense of enthusiasm and out of the box thinking to every project, the approach. And we're really, it's really fun to watch as a parent. So I think that's the other area that the Waterfront Montessori education has done a great job.

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