Matan Test Customer Review

December 13, 2022

Test with Matan Customer Review

Video Transcript

Speaker: Test, Test, Test

What did you like most about the course you took from Wall Street Prep?

Test: So my favorite thing about the course, I thought the step by step nature of it was amazing. So you you can't really get lost. You know, the course is really comprehensive by the time you're done you've built really complicated models, but the way it was done was step by step and you you open up a blank Excel spreadsheet and it's really easy when you start with a blank Excel spreadsheet to sort of understand what you're doing, you're not opening up a giant file that's incomprehensible. And the guidance, again, it's just the step by step piece of it was great.

How would you describe Wall Street Prep in three words?

Test: Comprehensive Step by step in current.

Why would you recommend Wall Street Prep to your peers?

Test: So so I would recommend Wall Street prep to my peers because it is probably the most efficient in simple way to learn what it's actually like to do the work that you end up doing on the job.

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