Ameena and her fiancé give an honest review

May 15, 2023

Ameena hired Wall Blooms and trusted us to give her the best Bridal shower decore and the Amore flower wall was absolutely perfect for her themed bridal shower

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ameena Amarally

Could you describe your experience working with Wall Blooms?

Ameena Amarally: Hey uh Amina over here and this is my fiance Baldo. Uh Wall Blooms was so lovely to work with from start to finish. Uh when it comes to quoting booking, setting up, tearing down, it was just a very um well taken care of experience and they were very professional throughout the entire experience and we will definitely be using them again.

As a décor company, what makes Wall Blooms different

Ameena Amarally: What stood out the most was I, in my opinion was uh the quality difference compared to other vendors. There's just something about wall blooms that just looks so natural and it was just amazing watching our guests go up to the wall and be so stunned that the, the flowers weren't actually real. Um We will definitely be using them again. It was just such a beautiful setup and I think that's what makes them set out so differently from other vendors is how the quality of the flowers and the service.

Would you recommend Wall Blooms to your family and friends?

Ameena Amarally: Yes, we will definitely be recommending wall blooms to our loved ones and their special events in the future.

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