Card: Shaun Whynacht

May 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Shaun Whynacht, Marketing VP, Natural Acne Clinic

Shaun Whynacht: We've been able to use Vocal Video to collect valuable client testimonials after they've graduated from our online acne program, and we have created many different variations of our testimonial collection form. And this not only gives us variety, but also the ability to be able to reach out differently to different prospects. We get different levels of insight and we also have a great library of content to use for not only organic social posts, but also video ads. The feature that I absolutely love with a video background is the ability to build custom videos based on the different responses to the questions - right within the platform and then export directly in the format needed for our social media accounts.

What’s the ROI of customer testimonial videos, and how do you measure it?

Shaun Whynacht: When looking at the return on investment for customer testimonial videos - this is the number one piece of content that we can use in our business. We can create all the top marketing videos where our team is recording videos of ourselves, speaking, we can create graphics and all that kind of stuff. But nothing hands down beats our clients, our happy clients talking about the experience they've had with us, and also recommending us to other people who are in the same situation. So being able to capture these testimonials very effortlessly - easy - and making those transition periods from getting the testimonial to us, being able to turn it around and get it back out to the market extremely streamlined and it has been a flawless experience.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Shaun Whynacht: Being in this industry for many years, the ability to capture testimonials so easily for our clients who mostly don't have a lot of technology background, Vocal Video is a must have. I mean, if you're in any business, whether you're selling products running a service or even a consulting business, you need testimonials. And I highly recommend Vocal Video. It is hands down one of the top tools in our marketing toolbox.

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