Card: Brian Bordley

May 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Brian Bordley, Partner, UC Berkeley SkyDeck

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Brian Bordley: Videos are content that are not only easily shareable on social media and email campaigns, but its content that people can trust. When I'm talking to a potential investment and they're trying to evaluate Berkeley SkyDeck Fund as an investor, having the voice of a portfolio CEO who can explain that is way more powerful than it just coming from me.

How are you using Vocal Video?

Brian Bordley: We're using Vocal Video to help differentiate ourselves from the competition. With a lot of information out there, it's very easy to get lost in the noise when everybody else goes out there and says, as a start up fund and accelerator that that we can be helpful in finding you customers or investors. It makes it very hard for a potential portfolio company to believe us, in some sense. And by getting the voice of our current portfolio CEOs in there, it really adds an extra layer of validation and helps potential companies we might invest in understand our differentiation.

If you had to describe Vocal Video in one or two sentences, what would you say?

Brian Bordley: It's difficult to find the time to create good content. Vocal Video makes it fast and easy to create content that I can use to help close deals and find new investments.

How does Vocal Video streamline the process of collecting and producing testimonial videos?

Brian Bordley: Before Vocal Video, I would have had to hire a camera crew and try to get all of the folks in our community in the same place at one time, which is possible, but time consuming. And there's a lot of things that go wrong in that process. Now, while there's still probably a place for that kind of video content, with Vocal Video, I'm able to easily get the sound bites and the content that I need to really provide more focused and specialized messaging to potential clients.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Brian Bordley: I'd recommend anyone use Vocal Video because it makes it easy to create those sort of customized, focused videos and sound bites that are really going to resonate with folks in your community today. It's very easy to get lost in the noise in an email campaign or on social media, when everyone's sharing text or content. But video still sticks out and it's fun to view on mobile. It's fun to view on websites and it really can be powerful engagement that we've been looking for.

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