Zain Ali for High Voltage Business Builders Podcast Guest Testimonial

April 04, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zain Ali, The 8th Street

Could you share your favorite thing about your guest experience with Neil on the High Voltage Business Builders Podcast?

Zain Ali: I think my favorite part about the podcast experience was just the pacing. Um that Neil had kind of said I tend to ramble a lot with my answers, but he was very patient and, um, never felt like I was gonna get cut off or I had to rush. Um, and then knowing that when the podcast is edited, things will be shortened down where I need, where they need to be shortened down. Um And I really like that kind of set up and, and just feeling very comfortable and, and feeling like there was a good flow.

Would you recommend the High Voltage Business Builders podcast to other people?

Zain Ali: I would definitely recommend the High Voltage Business Builders podcast to really anyone who's interested in the Ecommerce Base or operating in the Ecommerce base already. I think Neil has a ton of experience in uh just seeing his curiosity and, and the way he's tinkering with tiktok shop and the, the quality of the questions that he's asking. Um it's clear that he's a real operator and not just um not just someone who runs a podcast but someone who's actually running businesses investing in businesses, scaling businesses. And I think just does a really good job of getting the best information out of his guests for his audience and making sure that his audience really benefits from the 25 30 minutes or however long the, the interviews are.

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