Will basta for High Voltage Business Builders Podcast Guest Testimonial

April 23, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Will basta , ACV partners

Could you share your favorite thing about your guest experience with Neil on the High Voltage Business Builders Podcast?

Will basta : What I really liked about being a guest on Neil's podcast was the amount of topics we were able to fit in such a short amount of time. Um, I think we moved at a really, really good pace and the conversation was pretty much flowing in multiple different directions. Um, I think that's awesome. There was really no, no point where I felt like we had a lapse in topics to talk about. Um, he does a very, very good job at transitioning from one topic to the next and also not, not really just being siloed on one thing, uh, being able to branch off from, you know, certain niche topics to others and keeping it sort of exciting and diverse in terms of what we spoke about.

Would you recommend the High Voltage Business Builders podcast to other people?

Will basta : I would 100% recommend, uh, this podcast because although it's a business oriented podcast, it's, you know, there's no pitching or any of that kind of stuff, the topics can really span, you know, across the spectrum from business to personal stuff to you, sort of name it. Um, we talked about pretty much everything and I think it's, it keeps it exciting because for those that do podcasts a lot, you tend to really get, um, funneled into just one topic or one specific thing. And Neil's approach to the podcast is very, very unique in the fact that you talk about a bunch of different stuff as a guest who does multiple podcasts. It keeps it super, super exciting, um, being able to sort of be natural and, and talk about things outside of just the regular business and things that you are currently and always really talk about when you're a guest on a podcast and they tend to know your background, you tend to sort of stay in your lane, um, with Neil and the way he hosts, he likes to sort of go, he likes to sort of go off topic a little bit and it keeps it exciting. So 100% recommend.

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