Kusha Karvandi for High Voltage Business Builders Podcast Guest Testimonial

May 24, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kusha Karvandi

Could you share your favorite thing about your guest experience with Neil on the High Voltage Business Builders Podcast?

Kusha Karvandi: Yeah. My favorite thing about my guest experience on Neil's podcast is just how smooth the whole process was. It was just very easy and, and, uh, it was just a really good casual natural conversation.

Would you recommend the High Voltage Business Builders podcast to other people?

Kusha Karvandi: I would definitely recommend the high Voltage Business Builders podcast to others. Um especially if they're looking to not only listen to it and learn something. Uh I think there's a lot to learn, a lot of great guests on there. A lot of, a lot of great insights to be gained for any um ecommerce entrepreneur or Amazon entrepreneur from this podcast, but also to be a guest on there and uh and just, you know, connect with Neil and get some exposure for yourself.

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