Karl Sona - High Voltage Business Builders Podcast Guest

April 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karl Sona, Streamlined Media

Could you share your favorite thing about your guest experience with Neil on the High Voltage Business Builders Podcast?

Karl Sona: What's going on everybody. This is Karl Sona Ceo and co-founder of Streamline Media. And I'm taking the time today to shoot this quick video to give my buddy Neil Twa over at High Voltage Business Podcast. A huge shout out and an incredible thank you for hosting me on the show. I've had the opportunity to listen to Neil's show for probably about the last 9 to 10 months or so. Really liked his organic style, really love how he is uh showing the guests a great time and setting them up for success, but also making sure that there's some relevant information for the audience. And I feel like that's what we were able to accomplish last week on our recording together. This episode is absolutely for anybody that's interested in podcasting and what that can do for your personal brand as well as your business growth as we talk about where podcasting has been. But more importantly, where it's headed, we also get into some of the nitty gritty around how to bootstrap and scale a seven figure agency. So all you e-commerce entrepreneurs, B to B agencies and business owners out there that are trying to find a way to do this creatively without relying on or outside capital. I guarantee you that this episode has got some gems for you. Ok. So give my buddy Neil some love. Definitely like rate review and subscribe. And if you're one of the fortunate few to sit down with him to have a conversation about what your expertise is. Do not call it with the wheel, take him up on it, you're not going to regret it!

Would you recommend the High Voltage Business Builders podcast to other people?

Karl Sona: Not only has Neil Twa done it himself, but he's done it for dozens upon dozens of companies. And a lot of his guests are people like myself that are actively building companies and that have a heart to share and pour into you who is seeking the knowledge. So definitely do yourself a favor. Take a listen. I love that Neil kind of keeps it short. And to the point, the episode that we did was maybe 30 minutes if that even. And we still found a way to keep it fun and engaging and light while still touching on some core business principles that can serve you. So definitely, definitely, definitely give Neil Twa a listen.

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