Eitan Koter for High Voltage Business Builders Podcast Guest Testimonial

April 22, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eitan Koter, Vimmi

Could you share your favorite thing about your guest experience with Neil on the High Voltage Business Builders Podcast?

Eitan Koter: I had so much fun chatting with Neil in the podcast. Nel is so knowledgeable about the ecommerce and retail industries. He knows everything about what's working on marketing, what's working on supply chain inventory is very knowledgeable about the trends in the industry and the major pain points and opportunities is also very fun. It's very easy going unofficial. So I really like the vibe and looking forward for our next episode together.

Would you recommend the High Voltage Business Builders podcast to other people?

Eitan Koter: I highly recommend the High Voltage Business Builders podcast that nely is hosting. This podcast covers any aspect of the ecommerce and retail industries, from marketing tactics to supply chains to staffing inventory management. Also the technology companies that are reshaping the industry. The vibe is also very unofficial. It's really nice, very great, great to hear. So I really, really recommended.

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