I've headed past $10k a month since joining Voltage!

January 13, 2024

Voltage has been there at every step of our Amazon FBA journey. Their consulting support is beyond amazing.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ronnie Howard

Could you describe a time that Voltage helped you? And what kind of results did you see working with their team?

Ronnie Howard: When I first met Neil, we didn't have any e-commerce experience. We never sold on Amazon before. Just kind of had a hope that we could do it. Uh The team at Voltage has really come with us, step by step, worked with us from the very beginning. All the baby steps to helping us gain confidence and get to a point where we can grow and know that we can, we can do this and we're excited about it.

How would you describe Voltage in three words?

Ronnie Howard: It's really hard to describe. Voltage are just three words, uh being put on a spot, I'd go with patient, knowledgeable and driven, um, extremely patient as we've gone through the baby steps, learning the most basic things and having what I'd consider dumb questions and uh they're always willing to help and walk you through it and repeat themselves again, uh whatever we've needed. Um And they're extremely knowledgeable, you know, that I haven't been able to snuff them yet whatever hurdle we run into all the, all the challenges you run into in this business that they, they're always there with the recommendations on how to move forward from there and how to test it and how to figure it out, how to just keep going. So and then driven, you know, both on vultures side for them growing their own business and becoming better and stronger and then pushing us, you know, pushing me, pushing our business to not let us, you know, sit on our laurels or, you know, get, you know, complacent. Uh It's continue to push and push and push and help us get to meet our goals.

Why is Voltage different from other similar consulting, training or programs / services?

Ronnie Howard: For us, the team at Voltage has been there every step of the way. You know, we, we haven't felt like we're doing it alone. They're not just providing a list of instructions to say here, go for it. Good luck. You know, they're there at all hours of the night. Whenever we have a question, whatever we need to, to help us on our journey and get us to the next step and keep us moving forward. You know, they, they generally care about us making progress and being successful and, and it's a huge help, you know, it, it's not, it's nice not feeling like you're out there on your own, especially being in a completely new environment for us. Something we haven't done before, don't really have any experience in. So it's, it's been huge for us working with the Voltage team to be able to get us moving in the right direction and get us where we feel like we finally have that snowball roll and we feel like we're moving forward and it's fun to share some successes with them and really excited about where we're going to keep going in the future. And as we've gained in knowledge and experience and kind of leveling up a little bit. It's so nice to have them move along with us with that and help us to that next stage and keep answering those more questions and more complicated they get as we go. And um i it's, it's really been great to, to do this journey with, with the voltage team.

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