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December 20, 2023

When looking for Amazon seller consultants, we didn't need to look farther than Voltage. We found the best Amazon consultants out there.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt & Joni Zinser, JAMZ Enterprise - Zinsanity LLC

Could you describe a time that Voltage helped you?

Matt & Joni Zinser: Hey, everybody, uh, just wanted to take a minute to give a little bit of a firsthand experience. Um, our time with voltage so far, which has been absolutely amazing. Um, you know, one thing that my wife and I talked about a couple of years ago and we wanted to start living a little bit. We wanted to, you know, be our own boss and work on our own time and just start living life. So we started thinking about different ways to, you know, we could do that. Um I started an insurance agency, my wife's a nurse practitioner. So, you know, we do, we do well, but, you know, at the end of the day we're still kind of stuck in that, uh, every day kinda, you know, the hassles and headaches of that kind of stuff and you still kind of bound to the clock per se. But, um, you know, we just decided that it's time to take a leap of faith and, you know, met some awesome folks. I mean, thank God that, you know, we were able to come into contact with each other. The program itself. I can't imagine having come up with everything, all the tools and resources and step by step. I mean, it's literally like rubber stamping, our name on a process that was already developed and refined. So um thank you voltage. Um you know, as far as our wanting to live life and see my truck back there over here, that's our golf cart, our fifth wheel. So we sold everything a couple of years ago and you know, full time we plan to travel the country and yeah, see things, you know, just, just live. So thank you for Volta to voltage for the opportunity. Um We're grateful and we're going to take full advantage of it and uh wish you guys all the best. Uh Don't be, don't hesitate to take that leap. Um Not gonna lie and act like it was, you know, all easy. There's a lot to learn, but everything's right there. It just, you got to put in the effort, put in the time to, to study and understand the processes and everything else because they couldn't have laid it out any better.

How would you describe Voltage in three words?

Matt & Joni Zinser: So if I was gonna describe voltage in three words, um the first three that came to mind honestly was um precise. Um Another one would be supportive and then I'd say the final would probably be um unparalleled. I mean, just, just truly the best that I could have imagined.

Why is Voltage different from other similar consulting, training or programs / services?

Matt & Joni Zinser: So I'm not gonna lie and act like, you know, we've looked at several companies as far as the ecommerce space goes and um you know, that we have looked around, shopped around per se but um we haven't, I mean, we were brand new to this. Um But really when you meet somebody and you talk to them and you kind of get to know them and kind of know what makes them tick. I think that's, that was the differentiator that, you know, we didn't really need to look anywhere else. Uh It was just truly, um one of those things that's like holy cow like these guys got it. Um You know, they have it perfectly planned out um every step of the process. So, yeah, you know, I can't, I can't say that we, we have comparisons but I will say that we don't need a comparison because we know we found the best.

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