Since joining Voltage, I have been able to TRIPLE my NET profits from 9% to over 18%!

December 20, 2023

In this video, Lenin emphasizes the importance of having a solid foundation in your Amazon business, continuously launching new products, and Voltage's role in providing support, & accountability.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lenin Govea

Could you describe a time that Voltage helped you?

Lenin Govea: So when I joined voltage, one of the things that I remember Neil saying was how important it was to have your foundations, right? And I understood that when it was the time to look for my next product launch, right? And also to realize that it doesn't matter how many years you have been selling a product, really every product has a life cycle. And at some point, all of them are gonna die off. So the only way to really make money in Amazon is to keep launching products and launching products. So you need a pipeline of products. So that was one of the best times I remember um Neil and, and actually Voltage helping me out with my business, you know, just by giving me that piece of information about having the foundations, right?

How would you describe Voltage in three words?

Lenin Govea: Success, accountability and support.

Why is Voltage different from other similar consulting, training or programs / services?

Lenin Govea: So what makes voltage difference is three things. One of them foundation, no matter if you're new, if you are a seasoned Amazon Pro and you think that you already know everything. Well, you're in for a surprise by joining Voltage. So I'm telling you this because uh I was a guy, right? So I joined Voltage back in 2022. And I've been uh really amazed of, of relearning the, the what I thought I really knew, right? Which is building or rebuilding the foundations of my business. That's number one second community, great community, great accountability, great coaches, people who can take you by the hand and at the same time, give you this uh independence and uh helping you become the entrepreneur you want to become and uh finally cutting edge knowledge, you know, it's like every week. Um there's, there's, there's uh this update on the calls, right? So we're really aware of what's going on, what changes uh are, are happening and what, what we need to do in order to be successful. So we're never, we're never um we're never just uh left in the dust by the competition. So that's amazing. And even though there's some progress that might have some of this, some parts, you know, it's basically having each, every part that I just mentioned that makes voltage different.

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