John Anderson for Voltage Video Testimonials

May 24, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Anderson, Alpha Six Baby

Could you describe a time that Voltage helped you? And what kind of results did you see working with their team?

John Anderson: Neil and Reed. And the whole Voltage team helped me out significantly in the beginning of my process of learning the whole FBA and the selling on Amazon. And the one thing I I truly loved working with them with was their ability to help lead you to the water. They really gave you the confidence to select a product to know that it was going to work once you got it manufactured and um to really develop a trust in them that if you followed the steps that they were giving you, that it will work. And that was uh that was a pretty cool experience and there was a lot of bumps and in the road with me as I was releasing my products, but Neil and Reed were always there to help walk me through the problems and they were giving me the, the advice to create a successful product and a successful launch. And one thing that II I will never lose from working with them is the confidence in myself that I gained. And the confidence as an Amazon seller that I can recreate the process over and over and over again.

How would you describe Voltage in three words?

John Anderson: So, working with Neil and Reed and the voltage team to me can be described as intense, fun and challenging. It was intense for me because I came into this group with very little knowledge of Amazon selling and what FBA was and the models that Neil and Reed were showing everybody. So it was like drinking through a fire hose the first couple weeks. but Neil and Reed, they were excellent at breaking down the knowledge, uh breaking down the information in a way that I could understand it. And it was challenging, the fact that I actually had to put their lifetime of knowledge and experience into action and to start reaching out to manufacturers, start creating and a brand. And it was fun uh because there was a lot of obstacles in the road and it allowed me to work hand in hand with Neil and Reed and to problem solve as well. Once you join the Voltage, you join a community in the family. It's a pretty awesome and interactive community to where anybody can a ask a question, anybody can receive an answer. Uh Neil and Reed are extremely responsive and it's just helpful to help build everybody up and as a group.

Why is Voltage different from other similar consulting, training or programs / services?

John Anderson: So working with the Voltage team, it's been a very different experience for me. One in the sense that Neil and Reed they never claim to be gurus, they never claim to know it all. Do they have a lifetime of experience and knowledge? Absolutely. And will they be willing to share that knowledge with you? Yes. But the thing that I love about them is they were honest from the very beginning, they will sit there and tell you that, hey, this requires a lot of work. There's no shortcuts. And then if you just follow the advice that we give you, you can kind of see the similar results that other individuals in the group are experiencing and Neil and Reed. They're two normal guys that are just walking through this hand in hand with you. They just have a lot more experience than the, the rest of us and that we're all gaining every day together. And I just, yeah, they're two normal guys, incredibly honest, sometimes brutally honest. But in my experience, you need that because they, they are genuinely interested in giving you the success that you want to have and they're willing to help walk alongside you as long as you're willing to put in the work.

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