Since Joining Voltage I've Sold $34k On My First Brand!

December 20, 2023

Eva started with zero experience selling private label brands on Amazon. Now she's growing a beauty brand and becoming a professional Amazon FBA seller with the help of Voltage!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eva Yacou

Could you describe a time that Voltage helped you? And what kind of results did you see working with their team?

Eva Yacou: I think the number one thing that um voltage has really helped me is to learn and understand the different stages of a product timeline uh growth and that it's a process and that there are no immediate true results, that'll get you to the level that maybe your competitors are at that have been doing this 25, 10 years. And so helping to learn and understand the process and the timeline of that growth. Um help me realize that no matter what that this is going to be a process being a brand new product, a brand new launch um and a brand new business person that the process alone. Um and the education that I get from the process is invaluable to everything that I need to move forward and to be successful. And then also seeing those results along the way in realizing that even though initially the growth is slow, but there is progress and that if I put in the work and trust the process and keep the faith and um in addition to the emotional um intelligence that I exercise, which is patience, tolerance execution in a rational format, I think those are some of the things that I had to learn on my own. But voltage helped me at least understand that the process happens in phases and that there's so many variables that I would have either never learn on my own or it would have taken me a lot longer and a lot more mistakes if I would have had to try to learn those variables um on my own. And I, I can just, I can just see a lot more mistakes coming out of this instead of just asking the team and somebody answering me, but helping to again uh be taught and understand that time line of the growth process process helps me understand that this is not, you know, a get rich quick process. Um but it does involve work, it does involve learning and understanding, but that the results will be there and then um eventually, once a product takes off, it takes off and those results are good and just seeing the fruits of my labor and the results, whether they're small or large are good. So Walter definitely helped me understand that the results will be there. Um They will just be, you know, either slow to start quicker in some areas, but at least there are results and they help me learn and understand. And if there are mistakes being made in the in the interim, they help me with resolving those

How would you describe Voltage in three words?

Eva Yacou: I would describe voltage in three words, marathon, not a sprint marathon, um, efficient and trustworthy.

Why is Voltage different from other similar consulting, training or programs / services?

Eva Yacou: I think that voltage is different from similar consulting training programs is that they are the most uh in depth um group of training, resources, instructors, coaches advisors um that I have ever encountered, they are the most thorough, the most dynamic and the most resourceful with all the different levels of education um and resources that they have and also experience from the different coaches and instructors. In addition to the direct coaching instruction and resources and tools that are offered, um You have the proprietary tools that um you have access to, which is helpful to analyze and do product research um or nodes inside of Amazon. So it's a lot of great tools and resources to do some really quick analysis and um research on the different uh nodes and products in Amazon. But also the wealth of experience and knowledge of different instructors and coaches bring on in addition to the networking in the group. So in addition to the coaches and the instructors, you also have current sellers in the program that have also that wealth of training and experience and knowledge that can provide assistance. Um So I think voltage is different is that they allow you to be immersed in um the vast training resources, experience that come from the multiple levels of instruction and experience that people other, other students or the coaches have. So somebody somewhere will be able to provide a support or an answer at some point. If it's not the tools, the resources, the coaches, then it's definitely going to be um you know, the students in the program and uh the networking that comes with it. So I think it's the most in depth immersed um helpful, resourceful um coaching program that I have come across with the most tools and resources and education that I've seen.

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