I sold my first $10k in test products, now ready to go into growth mode!

December 20, 2023

Voltage taught me how to create my e-commerce brand and use the power of Amazon's platform.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Benjamin Earl Vanderhoff, Pacrez

Could you describe a time that Voltage helped you? And what kind of results did you see working with their team?

Benjamin Earl Vanderhoff: Voltage taught me how to create my e-commerce brand and use the power of Amazon's platform. The process is all encompassing and includes business structure and formation, sourcing, logistics testing, product and a product launch on Amazon. This is a data driven driven approach and while past performance is no guarantee of results, I quickly learn how my chance of success goes up. The more times I execute the cycle in my first five products that I tested. Here are the results that I've seen all of them have sold. Uh on Amazon, we've, we've moved product and of the of the 1st 53 of them are showing sales volume and profit potential to grow. And then one of the products in 21 days, I was able to use the fourth quarter, Amazon Christmas rush to go from zero sales to an average of 18 sales for two days. That sales volume of 18 units a day for this product represents a $492,000 dollar per year revenue potential Neil and Reed. And the rest of the voltage coaches taught me how to launch and scale with numbers that make sense so that I can grow a profitable ecommerce business that leverages the power of the Amazon platform.

How would you describe Voltage in three words?

Benjamin Earl Vanderhoff: OK. Three words to describe voltage, build an Amazon business. That's what I was saying. Build an Amazon business.

Why is Voltage different from other similar consulting, training or programs / services?

Benjamin Earl Vanderhoff: Voltage is different because these guys live it day in and day out. Reed, Neil the rest of the [Voltage] coaches, they all have done this and they are doing it. You're not. Um, it's for example, like II I think of like a stock investor or a trader. You go, you go to someone for advice and they say, yeah, well, you know, if I, if I was going to invest in something, I would, I would pick this mutual fund over here. These guys give you a front seat view into how they actually manage million dollar Amazon accounts. Um, and they show you how to do it. They give you all of the tools and coaching and information that you need to be able to replicate what they have done. And the good thing is, is that because Amazon and e commerce is just getting bigger and bigger every year. The potential to just keep launching new businesses in this space is, is expanding, not decreasing. So unlimited potential to build businesses profitably, uh learn how to do e-commerce correctly when I say correctly, do it without losing your shirt or making the big mistakes that make you shut down and, um, wish you hadn't tried, uh, do it, do it in a way where you can learn from your mistakes and none of the mistakes that you're making is fatal.

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