Launched my first product due to the amazing, mind blowing support!

January 03, 2024

"Supportive, Mind Blowing and Unique"

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashley Madden

Could you describe a time that Voltage helped you? And what kind of results did you see working with their team?

Ashley Madden: Hi, my name is Ashley and I signed on to Voltage about six months ago and I have recently launched my first um two products, one product has six variations. So, um so the really seven products total. Voltage has helped me guided me through this Amazon process. It's to be successful in Amazon is not as easy as it looks. Um understanding the algorithm and the ads and everything has been instrumental in helping me kind of get, get launched. I'm just getting started. I've only testing one product and I've launched the others. Um but it's exciting. I mean, I learn something every day. This is a very high level course for business, business minded people who also have a creative event and like you like to find great products. It's a wonderful community. Um I love our weekly calls. We have a two hour weekly group call and a and a group chat on whatsapp, which is invaluable also have direct access to Neil and Reed and Katie and Eva and all the other coaches. So that's um I mean, it's, it's uh it's invaluable to be able to just to immediately reach out to someone to get an answer when you're in the middle of something. Um Yeah, so it's been wonderful. I'm just, I'm looking forward to really getting going. I'm just, I'm, I learn something new every day and I hope I know that this, when I stick to it, this will, this will be worth it in the end. I'm looking to build a generational wealth for my Children and a legacy for my family. So this is really exciting and fun way to get started. So yeah, I would recommend voltage and business builders to anybody. It's a wonderful, wonderful program. It's hard work. It's definitely not passive in the beginning, but it's worth it if you stick to it.

How would you describe Voltage in three words?

Ashley Madden: In three words, I would describe Voltage as supportive, fun and mind blowing.

Why is Voltage different from other similar consulting, training or programs / services?

Ashley Madden: I've done many of these type of programs over the years. I'm also a real estate agent in my, in my other hat. And oftentimes when you sign up for these type of programs in the beginning, it's sort of one on one, maybe for the first few meetings and then it becomes kind of a group coaching thing. What I love about Voltage is you have the group dynamic aspect, which is wonderful, but you also get weekly or as much as you want really one on one coaching with a five plus coaches. So it's, you really end up building a relationship. You can like get one on one attention, you learn at your own speed and that is truly invaluable. Um You have the overarching videos which you can always refer back to and I have many, many times. Um and we'll continue to do so. Um but the one on one coaching and the help to be able to learn it combined with the community aspect and all the other resources is just invaluable and, and really unique.

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