Ruby Singhrao - Client Inspiration

July 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ruby Singhrao

What were you struggling with before you found Lauri?

Ruby Singhrao: So before I found Lauri, I was struggling with two major things. I was struggling with effective communication. I work in the field of science and we are not the best at um communicating well.

Ruby Singhrao: And then also personally, I used to struggle sometimes when I had a major setback or somebody maybe said something that was particularly critical from bouncing back from that without getting stuck in the weeds. And Lauri really helped coach me through that. So sometimes the criticism was valid, sometimes it was hurtful. But how could you repurpose that and how can you reframe that in a way that you can go and be the best version of yourself.

How would you describe Lauri's work in three words?

Ruby Singhrao: Effective, intuitive, and structured.

How did Lauri help you?

Ruby Singhrao: I can think of three main areas where Lauri really helped me. The first was with breath work.

Ruby Singhrao: For example, if you are giving a presentation, you can use breath to help regulate yourself and your nerves. She has techniques that she taught me about delivering an impactful message and using breath work to do that and also to help regulate the audience. If you are delivering messages that are particularly pertinent, you can use the breath work to help make those messages more impactful.

Ruby Singhrao: The other area where Lauri really helped me was in engaging the audience. So the work that I do, I have to do many presentations, I have to attend many meetings, both virtual, in person, and some hybrid. And I was able to work with Lauri to come up with some techniques that help me engage with my audience and keep them engaged.

What makes Lauri's work unique?

Ruby Singhrao: I think when many people think about coaching, it tends to come with this sort of cookie cutter approach. And certainly I thought of it as, you know, I would be brainwashed with all this positive thinking stuff and that is totally not Lauri. I think what Lauri does is, um, she is able to bring in some structure and some effectiveness and personalize that to the specific needs that you have.

What about working with Lauri surprised you the most?

Ruby Singhrao: What surprised me the most about working with Lauri. She makes you do some pretty out there exercises and I don't mean by, like, you know, structured textbook exercises. I mean, actually like aerobics exercises. She would have us get up and I think the formal term of it was Qigong but, it was totally fun and totally wacky.

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