Kim Gross - Client Inspiration

April 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kim Gross

What were you struggling with before you found Lauri?

Kim Gross: Before I started working with Lauri on my signature talk, I was struggling because I was not happy at all with the talk that I had already created. First of all, I was brand new to the whole public speaking thing and I worked with someone I which and I did create a signature talk, but I wasn't happy with it because it sounded very rehearsed and very robotic. I wanted to learn how could, how could I learn how to connect more with the listeners and the audience.

How did Lauri help you?

Kim Gross: Lauri helped me to improve on my signature talk because she taught the pros her process of intend align and invite. And this helped because it allowed me to learn how to tap in more to my energy and how to connect um with the audience on a deeper emotional level. And I had no idea prior to working with Lauri that this was even a way of doing it.

What about working with Lauri surprised you the most?

Kim Gross: The thing that surprised me the most about working with Lauri is that I had no idea whatsoever that I would be learning how to breathe. And that was like one of our very first sessions together where she taught me how to breathe. And I had to practice this in between sessions. And I will say it was one of the most helpful tools and skills to learn because when I, before I was just like not breathing at all, holding my breath, trying to do it perfectly and then just learning how to pause and breathe, allowed me to get into that space of being able to connect with the audience in the way that I was wanting to

What makes Lauri's work unique?

Kim Gross: She taught this process of intend align and invite and how to connect with an audience. So that when I'm speaking, that the person that's listening to me can tap into or feel like I really get and understand, you know, where he or she is coming from. Rather than what I learned before with a prior coach was just this structure, this outline of how I had to create and craft my signature talk so that I could have a call to action and that at the end, I could end up getting people as clients and that just wasn't working for me. It was too direct, too sales and the way that Lauri taught it was just to come more from my soul, more from my energy and just a way of connecting with the audience and then taking it from there.

How would you describe Lauri's work?

Kim Gross: One I would say for sure that her work is soul driven. Two, it is transformative and three very accessible, accessible and easy to, to implement.

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