Ariana Amini - Client Inspiration

April 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ariana Amini

What were you struggling with before you found Lauri?

Ariana Amini: Before I met Lauri, I was struggling with how to create a meaningful and authentic presentation about my dad.

How did Lauri help you?

Ariana Amini: Lauri helped me to brainstorm and craft stories that connected with an audience and resonated with me.

How would you describe Lauri's work in three words?

Ariana Amini: Lauri is attuned, intuitive, and resonant.

What about working with Lauri surprised you the most?

Ariana Amini: Lauri surprised me the most by noticing what the audience would be thinking and also for noticing details such as how would I hold a picture book when I was giving a presentation. For example, I would be reading the picture book while my sister be projecting the slides. Details that would make the difference in my Book Talk.

What makes Lauri's work unique?

Ariana Amini: Lauri is a masterful director, actor, vocal coach in her own right. And I have known her for many years since our days working in the theater department at UC Davis. She's an expert at what she does and I know that she's the best.

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