Jeni Holla - Client Inspiration

July 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeni Holla, Akashic Records Guide, Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach, Akashic Activations

Jeni Holla: Hi, my name is Jenny Holla. I am known as the Akashic Nomad. I'm an Akashic records guide, energy healer, and spiritual coach. And I loved working with Lauri Smith.

What were you struggling with before you found Lauri?

Jeni Holla: Before working with Lauri Smith, one of the biggest things that I was struggling with was I felt the desire to want to go and speak and share my truth and share my words. And at the same time, I was quite hesitant in moving forward on that path because I had spent many years going into the speaker, author, coach world, and I really was struggling with trusting my message, trusting that it would be good enough.

Jeni Holla: I also had grew up in the age of, you know, Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie and things like that. So it's almost as if I felt like I wasn't sure how to be me in a speaking world that I felt like had certain rules and parameters.

Jeni Holla: And honestly, at the time, I wasn't actively looking for anybody to help me with this. I really wasn't. And of course, as Universe would have it, Universe placed Lauri on my path, and really had me realizing and being open to the idea that there was another way, there was a soulful speaking way. There was this way to be able to show up in authentic alignment and still share a powerful message in a powerful way, without like compromising who I am.

What made you commit?

Jeni Holla: When I realized that she was as soulful as she was and as caring as she was and she had the expertise to back it up. And I also love that she has a history in acting and a career in learning and knowing all the ins and outs of acting like, I love that combination that's brought to speaking from the soul. And I also loved how she integrates in energy into her work and talking about how to really balance your energy as you're interacting with the room. Those were big things that helped me to overcome any hesitations that I had.

Jeni Holla: What's amazing is that Lauri and I met through networking and we instantly clicked, like we just clicked immediately and it really didn't take much for me to move forward with her because like it checked all the boxes for what I didn't even know that I was looking for.

What makes Lauri's work unique?

Jeni Holla: I love that Lauri was able to create a space for people like me, spiritual entrepreneurs and rebels. Like I love that. I love that because I felt safe working with her. I felt comfortable talking to someone who's a speaking coach and sharing that I channel messages. And this is one of the ways that I deliver transformation is through channeled messages. And she understood. Like I felt seen and heard. And because this is one of the groups that she works with, If you are a spiritual entrepreneur as well, and you have something on your heart, something on your soul that you know you're meant to share. Working with Lauri is a pathway, is an option for you to be able to in a way, do it your own way, but also do it with more impact. To be able to shift the energy from checking a box, delivering a presentation, to really delivering a transformative experience for the people who are in your audience.

How did Lauri help you?

Jeni Holla: Working with Lauri helped me in so many ways, so many ways that I didn't even know that I was looking for. When I went in to initially begin working with her, I had thought that I would walk out with, you know, like a speaker one sheet or like an idea of what we were going to be like, my presentation was going to be, and the thing is, is yes, those things can come as a result of working with Lauri. But what I needed even more, what I needed even more than any of that was to understand what it was like to speak from my soul, to speak from my body, to speak from a place of alignment. And like it let the, the energy and the breath carry the message and, and to really put my ass behind the message energetically.

Jeni Holla: And to trust that by taking breaks, and coming into the body, and allowing the breath to carry the message, and the energy to carry the message, that absolutely has changed everything for me. Everything for me.

Jeni Holla: Already just a little bit of time that we worked together, it has already completely changed my life. Completely.

Jeni Holla: And I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lauri.

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