Will Curran for Vocal Video Customer Stories

May 06, 2022

Will Curran, Founder of Endless Events describes how he uses Vocal Video to generate video testimonials.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein @ Endless Events

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Will Curran: Video testimonials are important to Endless Events' business because we're a service based company. We don't have a physical product that anyone can see. Instead, it's all about experience and what it's like working with us. Really, the only way you can convey that is through testimonials and maybe some video content showing it. But really, the video is what most sells what you do so that helps us tremendously and being able to share that experience in line people to kind of talk to themselves. Also, you get awesome cats in the videos as well. One cool thing also about video testimonials for us and why it's important that we also produce a lot of content which gives people and tremendous amount of value because they get to learn so much from it and be able Teoh, you know, change the way they think or, you know, learn a new skill. And sometimes you don't really hear from most people, but you get an email. Everyone says, Oh my gosh, you know this e book? It really helped me. Thank you so much. So video testimonials allow us to be able to share those stories from our content and then spread it even further, so yeah,

How are you using Vocal Video?

Will Curran: So we use Vocal Video for two things. The first ones very obvious, right? Like we have customers and people have worked with us in the past, be able to record stories of what it's like working with us where they thought of us. Would they recommend us that sort of thing. right? That's kind of an obvious play. But the next obvious, the next less obvious one is that we actually has a chance to testimonials on the free stuff that would give it all the content, the blog's, the e books, everything like that as well. So again it helps spread that story of people. That didn't trade money with us. But maybe, just, you know, enjoyed one of our piece of content. And the third way that we use is influence or play all of our podcast guests that we've had in the past. We send them out and said, Hey, record a story. We have them share a couple answer a couple questions that we then turn it into actually piece of thought leadership, promoting the podcast with it as well. Not the testimonial side of things, but more so as a I don't know. Like as as a chance to share, then another piece of content. It's very, very cool.

If you had to describe Vocal Video in a couple of sentences, what would you say?

Will Curran: If I had to describe Vocal Video in a couple of sentences, I actually can do it one. It's automated video content, creation, automated video content creation. I mean the fact that you literally set it up and send it out to people and boom, you're getting video content without having to ask questions or do interviews is mind blowing.

How do you use testimonial videos from Vocal Video?

Will Curran: We primarily used the testimonial videos that we get from Vocal Video on our social channels. Reason why is that we utilize them to draw and more leads and more prospects and more brand awareness. Across the board, however, we've also had the idea of embedding them in blog posts and using them as pieces to tell stories and embedded in larger pieces of content as well, but that's the next thing coming.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Will Curran: I would absolutely recommend Vocal Video to anybody who is creating content. I mean anybody. Period. If you have a pulse, you need check out Vocal Video. And not only will I recommend it, I have been recommending it. And I will say right now that every single time someone sees one of those pieces of content, they immediately say, How did you make that? Where sort of software were you using? What did you do? That sort of thing as well. And then when I tell him about Vocal Video they are instantly hooked. So yeah. I definitely highly recommend. A+

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