Welcome to Vocal Video!

July 02, 2020

The team behind Vocal Video shares why they built the product, and their favorite ways customer use it.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jordan McKible. Jon Wolfe. Lauren Locke-Paddon. Lauren Locke-Paddon. Steve Norall

Why did you build Vocal Video?

Jon Wolfe: We think businesses of all sizes deserve a simple and cost effective way to get the voices of their happy customers on camera and to publish it out in great looking videos.

Jordan McKible: We built Vocal Video to make it super easy for you to capture videos from your happy customers and clients and easily publish them anywhere on the web.

Lauren Locke-Paddon: So that even people like me, with zero video experience, can create beautiful professional videos.

Steve Norall: And we're the team behind Vocal Video.

How does Vocal Video work?

Steve Norall: Vocal Video captures video stories from anyone, anywhere, any time on any device in the world.

Jon Wolfe: First, you'll create a branded mobile friendly video collector, and if you're not sure which questions to ask, we've got over 30 templates for you to pick from.

Jordan McKible: It's simple. Just use a few prompts to cue your customers or clients, email them or text message, a link that they can open on their desktop or phone. They record themselves and that's it. We do all the rest of work.

Lauren Locke-Paddon: We will actually create a finished video for you with graphics and subtitles and music for you to review.

We can't wait to see what you create next.

Jon Wolfe: Thank you so much for signing up!

Lauren Locke-Paddon: We're so excited to see what you create with Vocal Video.

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