Vocal Video Customers on Video Testimonials

February 17, 2021

Vocal Video customers discuss the importance of video testimonials to their businesses.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Alexri Patel , Customer Programs Manager, Advocacy, Wrike. Martha Stoumen, Owner, Martha Stoumen Wines. Sarah Wong, Customer Success Fellow, Fellow. Anh Nguyen, Principal + Founder, Spark Event Management. Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein, Endless Events. Hilmon Sorey, Managing Director, ClozeLoop

Anh Nguyen: In today's overcrowded marketplace, where people are being bombarded with marketing messages, it's really hard to cut through the noise and build trust.

Martha Stoumen: No one wants to hear directly from the winery itself that their product is great. It's not a believable story.

Will Curran: So video testimonials allow us to be able to share those stories from our our content and then spread it even further.

Alexri Patel : You really can't beat authenticity when you're trying to capture the voice of your customers.

Sarah Wong: It helps to humanize your brand. It puts it in the hands of real people who can relieve relate to whoever is providing that testimonial either based on their industry or be some of the company that they work for.

Hilmon Sorey: So it's a win win win. You win because you get to share this with a new audience. The audience wins because they get to hear customer feedback directly from the customer's mouth. The customer wins because they get to share their experience and how wonderful the engagement was and all the things they benefited from. So I can't think of a better tool in a low friction way to be able to have that kind of an interaction. So check it out, you won't regret it.

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