Vocal Video Customer Stories

November 12, 2020

Vocal Video customers discuss the importance of video testimonials and share their experiences with Vocal Video.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Chris Dyer, Head of Sales, Deepgram. Christine Hanks, Social Media Marketer, Wonolo. Ras Gill-Boulos, CMO, Pulse. Brian Bordley, Principal, UC Berkeley SkyDeck. Alexri Patel , Customer Programs Manager, Advocacy, Wrike. Martha Stoumen, Owner, Martha Stoumen Wines

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Ras Gill-Boulos: Video testimonials are incredibly important so that we'll be able to build credibility with our audience.

Martha Stoumen: No one wants to hear directly from the winery itself that their product is great. It's not a believable story.

Brian Bordley: Videos are content that are not only easily shareable on social media and in email campaigns, but it's content that people can trust.

Could you describe your experience with Vocal Video?

Ras Gill-Boulos: So Vocal Video is taking out two things for us. One the need to go out and hire a videographer and two: the need to find somebody to put it together and to create, basically the commentary around it. It's super easy. We send it out, and within 24 to 48 hours we actually get our videos in super high quality and at the same time they also feel very authentic, and that's what we really enjoy about

Martha Stoumen: Vocal Video is quick, easy and effective.

Would you recommend Vocal Video?

Chris Dyer: I would definitely recommend that others try Vocal Video.

Alexri Patel : I would 100% recommend Vocal Video to any and all marketers out there.

Christine Hanks: It's gonna make your life a lot easier. You don't have to be in person to get answers from people, and you can get very real, very genuine stories and comments from the people you share Vocal Video with.

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