Stephanie Coppedge for Vocal Video Customer Stories

July 07, 2020

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Coppedge, VP, Gideon Math & Reading

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Stephanie Coppedge: Video testimonials for our company are really useful. We are children's education. And so the parents of our students can tell their story in their words with their face and convey their experience to our perspective clients. And this is really helpful because parents generally want to seek out the absolute very best, and they want to do their research. And they want to hear from their fellow parents what kind of experience they're getting, especially in education. It's such an important topic to them as parents. So it's very helpful for us, and we appreciate getting them.

How are you using Vocal Video?

Stephanie Coppedge: We've mainly been using Vocal Video to collect parent video testimonials of our students who attend our math and reading centers. However, as a franchisor, we're also expanding this to collect video testimonials from our franchisees about their experience working with us and owning a Gideon Math and Reading center.

If you had to describe Vocal Video in a couple of sentences, what would you say?

Stephanie Coppedge: Vocal Video has been extremely useful tool for gathering testimonials for marketing, especially if you are a service like ours that relies heavily on word of mouth and referrals for new customers. Additionally, Vocal Video is extremely easy to use and set up, especially on the back end. I found it very easy to set up a campaign, send it out and get started.

How do you use testimonial videos from Vocal Video?

Stephanie Coppedge: We've been using our video testimonials as Facebook posts, as Google My Business posts, and as content in email marketing. We have about 30 different centers. And so we had submissions from all across our franchise system. And what's great is the submissions can be used as marketing posts for most of the other centers, and so they've been crossed posted against many different Facebook Pages, not just our franchisor page. So we've used them in many different ways.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Stephanie Coppedge: I highly recommend using Vocal Video for gathering customer testimonials. Very easy to set up. Very easy for your clients to use on their phone or computer, just clicking a link and then very easy to make edits from those submissions. In the end, you end up with a really high quality video output that is easily posted anywhere you like. So we've been extremely happy and satisfied with the results and can't recommend them enough.

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