Rocco Seyboth: future of video

December 14, 2020

VP of Marketing Rocco Seybooth on how you can up-level your marketing career, and risks that have paid off.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Rocco Seyboth, VP Marketing, LinearB

What do you see as the role of video in marketing going forward?

Rocco Seyboth: We use video several different ways at LinearB Obviously, there's the highly produced videos where maybe you're in a studio standing in front of a green screen and there's a teleprompter, and we find those videos really valuable, although tend to use them in high situations like the home page of our website in the top hero because they take a lot of time to prepare for, they can be very expensive. We also use tools like Drift video and Vidyard to create, faster videos with less production value. But where the content is still really valuable and useful to the customer, we also just use our iPhones to document as much of what happens at our company as possible. We find that our customers are really interested in learning about the people at our company and what we do, and the process we go through to make our product and deliver our product to them. And so that reality TV type video that mostly gets done from an iPhone is really powerful. And then we're also leveraging a lot of personalized video in sales and marketing where we create individual videos for customers in a certain context, like when they first download a white paper or when they sign up for a free trial or when they first sign up for our service. There's a lot of technology today that makes it easy to create personalized video and customers really love it. We use those videos, four different types of video, throughout everything we do at LinearB.

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