Rocco Seyboth: a-ha, risk

March 14, 2020

VP of Marketing Rocco Seybooth on how you can up-level your marketing career, and risks that have paid off.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Rocco Seyboth, VP Marketing, LinearB

What was the biggest a-ha moment of your marketing career?

Rocco Seyboth: The biggest a-ha moment of my marketing career was realizing that B2B marketing didn't have to be so boring. You are selling to people from big companies, but they're just people. They have sense of humor. They like to have fun. And when they're evaluating brands they want to buy from, they're not thinking about how professional your marketing is. They're just trying to figure out if they can make some kind of connection. So that means talking to them like they're people and thinking of them as consumers instead of buyers from some big corporation.

When did taking a risk in your career pay off?

Rocco Seyboth: I feel like I've taken a lot of risks in my career. The ones that have paid off the biggest have been people. I've been lucky enough to hire some marketers that had no experience or at least not any related to the job they were applying for. They weren't an obvious fit for the job they were applying for. But I saw something special. Either they really lived and breathed our core values, or they had a skill like creativity or the ability to solve problems or just being hardworking. I've learned from watching some of those incredible hires go on to do amazing things and really punch above their weight class. I've learned that experience does matter, but sometimes it's worth taking a chance when you find that special person, and for me it's paid off.

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