Mollie Phipps for Vocal Video Customer Stories

June 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mollie Phipps, Global Product Marketing Manager, Ignition

Mollie Phipps: Testimonials offer a great way for prospective customers to hear firsthand from their peers about what they love about our product. Peer-to-peer referrals are far more effective and using video to share a testimonial is really authentic and much, much more engaging than just a written testimonial.

Mollie Phipps: We use customer testimonial videos on social media as part of our sales process and also in various marketing channels, like case studies and other campaigns. We then use employee testimonial videos for recruitment.

Mollie Phipps: We use Vocal Video to capture customer video testimonials, as well as employee testimonials, and also to promote and share videos from events like award shows.

Mollie Phipps: Vocal Video is so easy to use! For customers, it provides them with a great experience when recording and uploading their video. And it's really simple and so seamless for us to prepare the Collector and then to publish the videos once they've automatically been edited for us. So it's a huge, huge time saver.

Mollie Phipps: I would absolutely recommend Vocal Video to anyone looking to capture testimonials for their business. It's a really affordable tool that we now use in so many ways to create super slick looking videos.

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