Kayla Evans for Vocal Video Customer Stories

August 31, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kayla Evans, Brand Manager, Whistle

Kayla Evans: I would describe Vocal Video as an absolute dream for any marketing team.

Kayla Evans: For Whistle, we've used Vocal Video in two ways. It's been a way for us to share some social proof on social media, mainly on LinkedIn and also on our website. We've uploaded a couple of our client testimonials to our website and we've also added some employee testimonials, just giving a bit of insight into what it's like working at Whistle and it's something great for potential candidates to see, to get an idea of the kind of company that they're applying to.

Kayla Evans: We initially started using Vocal Video just for client testimonials. We wanted to up our social proof online on social media and on our website, and Vocal Video was the best way for us to do that. But we very quickly realized that could be used for so much more. And that's why we used it for our employee testimonials as well. And every time we discuss a new marketing initiative, it comes up that we could probably use Vocal Video for this as well. So I think Whistle will be using Vocal Video for a few different things in the future as well.

Kayla Evans: We definitely expect these video testimonials to bring through a couple of new clients, but we also feel that it's really important for our current clients to see what we're doing and that were consistently putting out good work and doing great things for other companies as well. We weren't just great when they signed up with us. We're great now, and possibly even better than we were, and these video testimonials are a great way for us to show that.

Kayla Evans: I would describe Vocal Video as an absolute dream for any marketing team. Testimonials are super important, but they do just fall into a mountain of work that you need to get done in your day, and typically it's something that would take quite a long time between just getting the responses and then actually producing the testimonial itself. Vocal Video just cuts that time right down and allows you to produce something of a really high quality.

Kayla Evans: Vocal Video has been such a useful tool for us at Whistle. It's so user friendly and so diverse. I would definitely recommend it to any team who places importance on really great quality social proof.

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