Kirby Wadsworth (Sample)

January 30, 2020

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kirby Wadsworth, CMO, illusive networks

What do you see as the role of video in marketing going forward?

Kirby Wadsworth: Ah, the self serving vocal video question. What do we see about the role of our video going forward? Um, so obviously what's happening is everybody's attention span is shrinking down to that, you know, since he flies, Um, you know, we have tickets. Was it 17 seconds or something that we pay attention to something before we either devote time to it or don't? So, you know, of course, videos. Important. We were. We've all grown up with it. Now, um, nobody really reads anything anymore. Aside from my advice about writing all the time, nobody ever reads anything, but so you know, it's it's becoming pervasive into everything. Videos obviously critical for outreach. It's critical for sales enablement because, boy, if we all have CT flight attention's being sales reps of, you know, baby T c five attention spans. So you really got toe, you know, feed him in small chunks and make things really interesting. So, um, we're doing a lot with it here, elusive that the the coolest thing that we're doing right now around around video is is taken. It started to the next level. So we're taking are crunchy old power point sales presentation and turning it into an immersive experience. You know, we're in the network security business, or so we're going to take customers into the network literally and show them around what the network looks like from the Attackers perspective. We're gonna let them interact with the elements of the network. We're gonna let them see the Attackers off in the distance, moving around the network, interacting with with the network elements that we're gonna let them see what happens when you install our product and see how the network reacts to that. How the Attackers interact with this stuff. It's just the coolest approach to technology I've seen in a long time from a marketing perspective, you know, where were we were pushing the limits of this game of gamma fied view, But I could just imagine not too long in the future we're gonna walk into prospects, eyes prospects, the offices and, you know, ask him to put it on an Oculus so that we can give him our sales presentation. But anyway, that's that's kind of where I think we're headed with. Oh,

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