Kadidja Yansane for Testimonial Video ROI

June 30, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kadidja Yansane, Business Coach, Bloom Into You LLC

Why are testimonial videos important in your industry?

Kadidja Yansane: Hey, it's Kadidja Yansane from BloomIntoYou.com and founder of the Client Creation Queen program. I cannot recommend video testimonials highly enough as a coach in the coaching industry because video is incredibly powerful. It provides social proof, you see someone you believe it, you identify with them and you feel like if they can do it, I can do it too. It gives a live face to your ideal client. People don't think you're just making up an ideal client. They actually see someone that's worked with you and when they feel that 'know, like and trust' with someone, it makes them confident to make a buying decision.

How do you use testimonial videos at your company?

Kadidja Yansane: There are so many ways to use video testimonials. At my company BloomIntoYou.com, I love to interview clients. We get on Zoom together. I interview them for about 20 minutes. I ask a little bit about them what made them decide to work with me? What were the results they achieved, and any challenges they bumped up against along the way. And what that does is it has people feel like they can identify with their story. Hey, she's an executive coach, like I was, or she was in Corporate America like I was, or she was a yoga teacher like I am. And I love to share these testimonials all over social media. My Facebook group, Instagram, my email list. I also use it in Facebook advertising. Incredibly, incredibly powerful. I highly recommend that if you have not done any video testimonials that you start doing them whether it's interview style, or just asking clients if they wouldn't mind themselves doing a one minute or two minute video to share a little bit about their experience with you. I'd love to hear how it goes.

What’s the ROI of customer testimonial videos, and how do you measure it?

Kadidja Yansane: If you're wondering how to measure the ROI of video testimonials I'm going to tell you what I do. One of the things I do is I hold discovery calls or free consultations to find out if I'm a fit to work with a potential client. And in that process there are some questions which I call prep questions, consultation prep questions, before I get on the call just so that they can get the most out of the session. And one of the questions I ask is how did they hear about me? And quite frequently people will say that they've seen a master class or they saw my testimonial video. I had that with a person recently who said she watched a testimonial video that I had and that encouraged her to book the call. So I'm always asking how people found out about me. I do that in the coaching call prep. I do that in the consultation prep and that is how I'm able to track if these efforts if this video testimonial efforts are working and they are working. People have literally said to me I've seen all your testimonials and so even if they don't say it doesn't mean that they're not seeing it. That's one of the ways that I've been able to measure the effectiveness of doing video testimonials. So I hope that that convinces you to start using video testimonials if you haven't been already. Incredibly, incredibly, powerful social proof that you're actually working with clients, that people are investing in your services and getting great results.

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