James Kotecki - Successful Marketing Campaign

March 18, 2020

James Kotecki fills us in on a recent, successful marketing campaign.

Video Transcript

Speakers: James Kotecki, Director of Marketing & Communications, Infinia ML

Tell us about the impact of a successful campaign that your team recently executed.

James Kotecki: Recent team's success. I'm going to give you a very simple and in some ways for a marketer, very beautiful example of this. Our challenge as company, we're a company of machine learning experts, data scientists, engineers. We have a set of tools and machine learning that we can kind of direct at any number of industries and executives. And so one marketing challenge for us has simply been to figure out okay, what's the best fit with our message in the market and what specific segments of the market are we trying to go after? So we've recently begun to narrow our focus strategically, and as part of that, we've been sending out email campaigns to people that we've never met before. Classic marketing cold email campaign. You get a bunch of emails to people that you have a pretty good sense will be interested in what you're offering. You know, we're not trying to bamboozle anybody or anything. We think they could really get use out of who we are and what we have to offer. But they've never heard of us before. So this was one of our first major kind of straight up cold email outreach campaigns, and there was a lot of uncertainty. I gotta tell you, on the biz dev and on the marketing side around how and if this would actually work. And so I'm happy to reveal that once we did this campaign, we started to get some feedback that it was working. We started to get some positive responses, and I felt like Doc Brown and back to the future, you know, like jumping up and down and saying 'It works! I invented something that works and really, it was a team effort, obviously, to put together these emails and narrow the focus and write the copy and get the list. And put together all of the machinery that allows email marketing to happen. I'm sure all the marketers listening to this know that whole process very well. But there's a simple joy and beauty of just connecting with an audience and knowing that, yes, I have put together a message that is compelling because we, as a company, can offer something that is actually gonna help somebody else. And ultimately, I think that's what we're all here to do.

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