Dan Holman for Customer Stories

February 04, 2020

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dan Holman, Senior PM, Admiral Capital

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Dan Holman: so we very much operating a people business work decisions are made on personal qualitative factors, much more than quantitative factors, and we essentially need to convince management teams and their boards to take a leap of faith and believe in attributes that ourselves. For a firm that are difficult to verify, such as trust and video testimonials provide a means Thio speak towards those attributes in a much more credible voice than if you were a just to say them yourself.

How are you using Vocal Video?

Dan Holman: So we're using video vocal to put our CEO and CFO references right into the room with our target audience and build brand and credibility. So we ourselves are a new entity. What this does it helps we've into our story are longer operating history in track record of working with other companies.

If you had to describe Vocal Video in one or two sentences, what would you say?

Dan Holman: so video vocal is a very scalable tool that allows you to capture the voice and image of your reference and then deliver it very easy to consume format for your target audience.

How does Vocal Video streamline the process of collecting and producing testimonial videos?

Dan Holman: So in my experience, one of the biggest challenges in building a library customer testimonials is just the access and scheduling and availability of the references themselves. And with video vocal, you have a very consumer facing type tool that you can push down to the reference, and they could perform the testimonial at their convenience with a rep for PC or on an iPhone like I'm doing here.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Dan Holman: Uh, yes, I would recommend video vocal. I think it's a no brainer. Um, once you are able to get a reference to agree to speak on your behalf, this is a quick and fast wait. You could put the camera, so to speak, right in front of the reference at their convenience at the time of their choosing, and and and and then execute on gathering your library. Video testimonials. Um, it's easy to do. It's easy to set up, Um, and it's ah both from a time saving perspective to yourself to the references you're collecting from on from definitely from a cost advantage. There's enough things that you're probably working on that this should be one that you can just hit the easy bun and do.

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