ClozeLoop Customer Story

April 20, 2022

Hilmon Sorey, Managing Director of ClozeLoop, on why video testimonials are essential to his business, and the surprising reason you should be working with Vocal Video.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Hilmon Sorey, Managing Director, ClozeLoop

Hilmon Sorey: though. When you get someone who's had a fantastic experience working with you and you say, "You know what, your opinion is valuable. I think other people would like to hear about you and your experience." You actually create a greater connection to your customer or to your client

Hidden benefit of video testimonials

Hilmon Sorey: audience might be. And I found that that's the hidden piece inside Vocal Video. Asking someone to do this - they are flattered. They're like, Wow, my opinion matters to you. Absolutely. I'll do that for you. Sure, I'll take a couple minutes and record a video for you. It also gets them thinking about the engagement or thinking about the experience that they've had with you in such a way that it frames it in their head is having had value and having been beneficial. So it's a win win win.

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Hilmon Sorey: From from the ClozeLoop perspective, Vocal Video is low friction high impact. There you go. Bottom line. So what do I mean by that? Low friction: Asking a customer for a testimonial or asking for a white paper or case study? Oh my God, The lift is heavy, right? Even people with the best of intentions who have had the best experience with your company are like "Sure, sure Hilmon, I'll get right on that. Absolutely I loved it." And they mean it. They want to. But you know what? It never comes. And then you get in this chasing people going, "Hey, you know, just pinging you letting you just want to touch base, circle back, follow up." See if you got into that thing who wants to do that with their customers? Right? So here's the thing about Vocal Video. Low friction. I send a link. I send a link, and the link. They click on it. They come to the space. They're always holding their phone. I don't know about you, but I have my phone other than right now because I'm making this video. Usually my phone is in my hand. It was in my hand. I click on the link. Of course I'm gonna click record right then. It's easy. We do this all day long. Very familiar. Right? So it's a casual way to get an authentic response. The other piece from the standpoint of high impact, is sure you get a customer testimonial that your marketing team has been massaged or you've added quotes or even embellished with graphics. This that the other. It's not candid, right? Even if it's accurate. I'm not suggesting that you change it or anything like that. But it's just not candid. Getting something like this. A video where someone is saying, Hey, this is my experience. This is what it was like. You get to evaluate the person say, Hey, am I like this person? Is what they're talking about seeing something that's rational. Are they credible? All of these things that our subconscious come through in a Vocal Video in a way that they wouldn't in any other means, and being able to circulate this so easily on the low friction front and then have this high impact means of my audience engaging with one of my customers. It's just fantastic. I can't think of anything, anything better, frankly. We're enjoying it.

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