Carolyn Bao for 2021 Marketing Predictions

January 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Carolyn Bao, Product Marketing, Intuit

Carolyn Bao: marketing is educational marketing. Educational marketing is going to be the marketing edge for software companies that are seeking to grow brand trust, to grow customer loyalty, and to reduce attrition. There is a dilemma in software industry. We are all trying to create software that has more features, more capabilities and supports more use cases. We are faced with the problem that our customers, on the other hand, are not here. to learn and master everything we have built. They're here day in day out to do the best at their own jobs. So how do we breach the gap? Some say if you build a product well, they will come if you make the product easy to use. You do not need marketing. You do not to teach them anything because the product would be easy to use. Reality is usually grimmer than what we have fathomed. So how do we bridge the gap?Marketing. And here's how you do it. For prospects provide educational marketing about their core jobs. Imagine you are a marketing professional, and you are seeking to learn more about integrated marketing campaigns. You do a Google search if you are the brand that consistently show up in there, learning moments with the right content that teaches them how to do their job better. When they're in the buying position, guess whom they will call. What about for existing customers? For existing customers, the key is build a habit so that they incorporate your software your product, into their daily rituals. Building a habit requires training. So how do you do that? There are lots of ways. Gameify the learning experience. Learning is not something natural and requires investment. Gameify that experience with well thought through curriculum, give certificates for completion, give them some digital badges so they can brag about the fact they have acquired a new skill set. Remember Maslow's needs hierarchy? Self-actualization is the highest need for any individual for your customers to have the ability to follow a wealth planned out curriculum and receive a certificate of completion. What a fast way to give them that self actualization.

How will you use video in your marketing in 2021?

Carolyn Bao: For marketers, storytelling is the key component. Why is that? Our human brains are wired to remember stories way better than the abstract numbers. Video is the best former there is to convey compelling stories in digital space where you would use videos. So many places, I consider them as three main parts. The Y type of video. Why you Why your company? These are the videos that you can create by teaching your prospects to make them the heroes. And don't forget, they can be even a better self with your product. And you can create videos with how kind of videos. How do I do this? How to use my software so I can become a better self how to use this software so you can be solving the problem in less time. There are many, many different moments you can create how type of videos and the last is inspirational type of videos. Record your customers who are extremely happy with your product. Create social proof content so that these customers console the seeds off inspiration for other people that are in the community. They could either be prospects or existing customers who have not yet felt the magic, so create

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